Call for Student Reps

Planning to work in theatre after you graduate? Not sure where to begin?

2b student reps act as liaisons between 2b and the campus, organize outreach activities, and receive informal mentoring from 2b’s artistic co-directors and administrators.

If you’re interested in becoming a 2b student rep, email with the subject line “Student rep” and tell us why you want to work with 2b.

Resumes are welcome but not necessary (as are video selfies, links to past projects, and statements of interest in any other medium).


Join us at the Grad House at 3 pm on April 18th for an info session with this year’s outgoing student reps.

2 by 2b

Tickets are now available for 2b’s two spring shows.

We Are Not Alone, May 5-8 | BUY TICKETS

In a world populated by mysterious sightings, videos of shapes moving in shadows and inexplicable crop circles, a playwright searches for answers. Are these occurrences a sign of otherworldly visitors, or are we being deceived? Multi-award winning performer Damien Atkins invites you to experience a funny and moving theatrical ride into one of the most extraordinary and provocative subjects of our time.

Unconscious at the Sistine Chapel, June 15-26 | BUY TICKETS

This world premiere production from internationally acclaimed 2b theatre recreates the Sistine Chapel in Halifax’s Central Library. The play tells a story about buried urges, artificial intelligence, and an unlikely encounter between Sigmund Freud and an undiscovered genius who would suck whisky off a sore leg. Funny, smart, and sexy, the play looks at two men who changed history, two women who were forgotten by it, and the contemporary debate about how to tell their stories.