Give the gift of 2b

2b is offering two ticket packages this holiday season for all of your theatre-loving friends and family:

2 tickets to 2b

$45 gets you 2 tickets to 2b, either for We Are Not Alone orUnconscious at the Sistine Chapel

2 shows by 2b

$80 gets you 2 shows by 2b, with a pair of tickets to both We Are Not Alone and Unconscious at the Sistine Chapel


2b at Nocturne

2b’s new installation, Rebecca Reads Nora Reads Molly, will be featured as one of Nocturne’s curated Beacon Projects on October 17th. The piece is a durational performance of the last chapter of Joyce’s Ulysses featuring Rebecca Parent performing Molly Bloom’s stream of consciousness inner monologue, with direction by Anthony Black, projection and sound design by Nick Bottomley and Daniel Oulton, and artistic collaboration from NSCAD’s David Clark. The performance will take place in the courtyard of the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic (accessible via the boardwalk) from 6pm till midnight.

This installation was inspired by and is a partner project of Unconscious in the Sistine Chapel (working title, previously seen in development at Inside the 2b Studio as A Kind of Reminiscence), a new 2b production slated to premiere in 2016.