2b R&D at NSCAD

Throughout the month of May, 2b is working at the Academy Building at NSCAD University with professor David Clark on a collaborative research project involving the application of technology and new media to performing arts and storytelling. Research involves video projection mapping, motion tracking, physical computing, model building, theatrical staging and interactive installation work.

The participants from 2b include Anthony Black (artistic co-director of 2b), Daniel Oulton (2b’s emerging artist in residence), and freelance projection designer and frequent 2b collaborator Nick Bottomley. Activities include:

  • Development of a larger-stage format version of 2b’s production of When it Rains, applying and reworking the projection techniques developed for the award-winning production.
  • Set, Projection, and Lighting Design workshop for Ambition, Melancholia, and a Tin of Sardines, a new play in development by Michael MacKenzie
  • Research and development of body-tracking technologies that track actor position onstage and relay data to a projector to create an automated, projector generated follow-spot.
  • Workshop of The Copenhagen Interpretation, a new work by David Clark, and experiments with interactive installations.

Please join us for an open house on Monday, May 25th at 5 pm on the third floor of NSCAD’s Academy Building (1649 Brunswick Street, access on the north side via the fire stairs). The team will demo some of the projects they’ve been working on. RSVP to info@2btheatre.com.

The Director’s Toolkit

Location : NSCAD Academy Building (3rd floor film studio, via fire stairs on north side of building), 1649 Brunswick Street

12 pm – 5 pm
May 31

Cost: $10 (Payment must be received to reserve your spot and registration is limited to 12 participants per workshop.)

A workshop offering tools and techniques for directors. Led by 2b’s artistic co-director Christian Barry, workshop participants will examine two distinct approaches and various tools used from conception through to opening night. Click for details.

This is the third and final workshop in 2b’s Creative Toolkit workshop series.