2booze & schmooze

Mark your calendars – February 8th 2019 is 2b theatre’s yearly theatre mixer, this year taking place at Neptune Theatre’s Spatz Lounge (upper balcony lobby)! 2booze & schmooze is a networking event aimed at connecting students with established and emerging artists. For students, you get a chance to meet your Halifax theatre idols and pick their brains. For professionals, you get to meet the up and coming members of Halifax’s future theatre community! Click here for more info.

Tickets for 2booze & schmooze are $5 and include one alcoholic beverage OR two non-alcoholic beverages.
With the added cost of $20, get a ticket to The Bridge for Feb 8th!

Tickets can be bought online below, paid in cash to any of the 2b student reps, or dropped off to the 2b offices at 6068 Quinpool Rd, Halifax, NS.

Ticket type (note that both types include a drink ticket)

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