Student Rep Program

In 2009, 2b invited two university students to be the company’s first student reps. Student reps serve as a vital liaison between the company and the Halifax university community. Responsibilities include coordinating student communications and events, facilitating outreach activities (including workshops), and promoting 2b and its events and productions on and off campus. Participants in the program receive informal mentoring from 2b’s artistic co-directors and administrators.

Past student reps have gone on to work in theatre professionally, both with 2b (Griffin McInnes, Gillian Clark, and Laura Vingoe-Cram as RBC Emerging Artists-In-Residence, Karen Gross as producer) and elsewhere (Simon Bloom as Co-Artistic Director of Toronto’s Outside the March Theatre).

This season’s student reps are Miranda Bowron, Ursula Calder, and Jack Smith.

Past student reps:

Kayla Gunn, Lara Lewis, and Julia Schultz

Ivy Charles, Lara Lewis, and Julia Schultz

Henricus Gielis, Jonathan Brown Gilbert, and Morgan Melnyk

Henricus Gielis, Alanna Griffin & Morgan Melnyk
Youth Outreach Coordinator: Karen Gross

Gillian Clark, Karen Gross & Laura Vingoe-Cram

Kari Bell, Patrick Blenkarn & Bethany Hindmarsh

Griffin McInnes & Kari Bell

Emily Turner & Simon Bloom