Crafting Worlds: A Sound and Video Design Workshop for Female and Non-Binary Identifying Persons*

2b theatre company in collaboration with sound and video designer and theatre artist Aaron Collier is offering a comprehensive sound and video design workshop. Participants will be introduced to the designer’s role and responsibility within a professional theatre context and learn key principles for both sound and video design. This workshop, which is aimed at beginners but welcome to all experience levels, will prepare participants to create artistic and meaningful designs as well as equip them with the skills to integrate these designs into modern theatre productions. Through this class, workshop attendees will gain insights and experience using QLab, Ableton Live, and TouchDesigner software.

* male identifying persons are very welcome to attend but are encouraged to bring an additional female or non-binary learner where possible.

October 3, 2017 6pm – 10pm @ Heist Lab 6050 Almon St unit 104A
Understanding the designer’s role and vocabulary
Script analysis and preliminary designs
Sound design with Ableton Live and more

October 4, 2017 6pm – 10pm @ Heist Lab 6050 Almon St unit 104A
Working with QLab
Video design and projections

October 5, 2017 6pm – 10pm @ Heist Lab 6050 Almon St unit 104A
Cueing and show programming
Interactive sound and video design with TouchDesigner


Workshop fee: $20 + HST for three sessions

This workshop is subsidized by the Department of Communities, Culture, and Heritage. Some cost-free spots are available. Please contact to book one.

‘Old Stock’ a big hit in Edinburgh

Old Stock: A Refugee Love Story just wrapped up its run at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe at CanadaHub’s King’s Hall in association with Aurora Nova, winning multiple awards and garnering four and five-star reviews across the board. Thanks to our partners at CanadaHub and Aurora Nova, the Canada Council for the Arts, the Province of Nova Scotia, and our Export Sponsor, the Halifax Port Authority for helping make this tour possible.


Here’s what the reviewers had to say:

★★★★★  “Christian Barry’s production for the Nova Scotia based 2b Theatre Company is a joy […]a thing of raw and unmissable beauty”
-Herald Scotland

“…the Old Stock experience becomes irresistible, borne along on a tide of brilliant klezmer music and original song that links us to an old world, and helps us to live joyfully in a new one.”
-Joyce McMillan, The Scotsman

“a hugely engaging experience”
-Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

SHORTLIST: Musical Theatre Review’s Best Musical Award
★★★★★  “The music, the vocal performances and musicianship are all excellent here – emotionally engaging, visually stunning and at 80 minutes leaves us still wanting more.”
-Musical Theatre Review

“this is an important play executed with breath-taking brilliance”
-Gillian Bain, Broadway Baby