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These shows are currently in production or available for touring:

One Discordant Violin

adapted, co-directed, and performed by Anthony Black, co-directed by Ann-Marie Kerr
from the short story by Yann Martel

Beauty is found in unexpected places.
A duet for storyteller and violinist based on a short story by Yann Martel (Life of Pi), One Discordant Violin explores a transformative encounter with an unlikely composer, asking what happens when we reach for what is beyond our grasp.

Old Stock 

written by Christian Barry, Hannah Moscovitch, and Ben Caplan, directed by Christian Barry

2b theatre company joins forces with klezmer-folk sensation Ben Caplan and Dora Award-winning playwright Hannah Moscovitch to tell a Canadian refugee story that hits close to home.

This genre-bending music-theatre hybrid is inspired by the real life story of Moscovitch’s great-grandparents, both Romanian Jews, immigrating to Canada in the early twentieth century. Ben Caplan plays the mysterious emcee in this examination of the refugee experience, viewed through the historical lens of Jewish immigrants a hundred years ago.  And it’s also a love story, albeit one with its fair share of loss. The show will take the form of a humourously dark folktale woven together with a high-energy concert.

The God That Comes

written by Christian Barry and Hawksley Workman, directed by Christian Barry

“It’s a tour de force performance that mesmerizes with its deft wit and razor sharp humour.” ★★★★ (out of 4)

        -The Calgary Sun

A one-man-band cabaret-rock-and-roll hybrid featuring Juno-winner Hawksley Workman. This concept album for the stage tells the story of the Greco-Roman god of wine Bacchus (or Dionysus) and uses Euripides’ The Bacchae as a primary source. This show has toured to prestigious venues including Toronto’s Tarragon Theatre and The Stratford Festival, with international stops in Denmark, Scotland, Holland and the USA.

Unconscious at the Sistine Chapel

written by Michael Mackenzie, direction & dramaturgy by Anthony Black

A story about buried urges, artificial intelligence, and an unlikely encounter between Minna Bernays and Nora Barnacle, accompanied by their respective partners: Sigmund Freud and James Joyce. A parallel contemporary story features a young academic and a brilliant entrepreneur who clash over how to fill in gaps in the historical record, what makes history come alive, and who should be able to tell these stories.

Funny, smart, and sexy, the play imagines a collision between two of the great revolutionary thinkers of the modern period, and introduces us to the women who inspired them, challenged them, and were ultimately eclipsed by them.

Unconscious at the Sistine Chapel has been developed in part through The Collaborations – at Canada’s National Arts Centre.

What a Young Wife Ought to Know

written by Hannah Moscovitch, directed by Christian Barry


A brave and honest examination of love, sex, and fertility, inspired by real stories about young mothers during the early Canadian birth control movement (1920s & 30s). 2b commissioned and developed the piece in multiple workshops, including a two week workshop culminating in a work-in progress showing in May 2014, and produced the world premiere of this new work in partnership with Neptune Theatre as part of the Scotiabank Studio season. Playwright Hannah Moscovitch is one of Canada’s most celebrated theatre-makers.

When it Rains

written & directed by Anthony Black

“extraordinary theater, wise and funny and human and profound, the best kind of drama”, New York

A live-action existential graphic novel about two couples reacting to a series of improbable events. It explores how behaviour and identity can disintegrate in times of extreme stress. The production uses a single data projector as the only lighting source, with a set that consists of a bare black wall. The actors interact with projected environments. A finalist for the 2013 NS Masterworks award, When it Rains has received critical and audience acclaim for its performance, its design, and how the two interact, and was named Critics Pick in the London Times during the Edinburgh Fringe in 2014.

We Are Not Alone

written and performed by Damien Atkins, directed by Chris Abraham and Christian Barry
In a world populated by mysterious sightings, videos of shapes moving in shadows and inexplicable crop circles, a playwright searches for answers. Are these occurrences a sign of otherworldly visitors, or are we being deceived? Multi-award winning performer Damien Atkins invites you to experience a funny and moving theatrical ride into one of the most extraordinary and provocative subjects of our time.