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The Bridge

written by Shauntay Grant, directed by Anthony Black
Co-produced with Neptune Theatre in association with Obsidian Theatre

Set in a rural Black community, The Bridge is a fictional three-act drama that examines the relationship between two brothers strained over 20 years of secrecy, sin, and shame. Secrets abound and are revealed at every turn from the characters themselves, as well as from a trio of community gossips who provide the musical backdrop for this gospel-infused tale. Comedic and serious, light and introspective, The Bridge is an exploration of faith, family, and forgiveness.

The Bridge has been developed in part through The Collaborations – at Canada’s National Arts Centre.

Schrodinger’s Cash

written & directed by Anthony Black

A highly successful business woman who has recently been put in charge of an economic think-tank gives her conceptual artist brother a set of extremely valuable mint-condition collectible Canadian bills before realizing what they are really worth. When she finds out, she also learns that he has irreversibly encased the bills inside of a brick as a piece of conceptual art – or did he? It’s impossible to say without breaking the brick and rendering the money worthless. What is the brick worth? A lot? Nothing? Art-buyers and speculators drive up the price until the bubble inevitably pops. A reflection on the strange relationship between art and money.