Unconscious at the Sistine Chapel

World Premiere June 15- 26 2016
Paul O’Regan Hall, Halifax Central Library

Written by Michael Mackenzie
Direction & dramaturgy by Anthony Black

Featuring Marcel Jeannin, Rosa Laborde, Tom Lute, and Rebecca Parent
Projection Design by Daniel Oulton

Sound + Lighting Design by Johnny Cann

This world premiere production from internationally acclaimed 2b theatre recreates the Sistine Chapel in the Halifax Central Library. Unconscious at the Sistine Chapel tells a story about buried urges, artificial intelligence, and an unlikely encounter between Minna Bernays and Nora Barnacle, accompanied by their respective partners: Sigmund Freud and James Joyce. A parallel contemporary story features a young academic and a brilliant entrepreneur who clash over how to fill in gaps in the historical record, what makes history come alive, and who should be able to tell these stories.

Funny, smart, and sexy, the play imagines a collision between two of the great revolutionary thinkers of the modern period, and introduces us to the women who inspired them, challenged them, and were ultimately eclipsed by them.