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Invisible Atom

written by Anthony Black, directed by Ann-Marie Kerr

★★★★★ “A marvel of 21st century storytelling”  – Scotland Herald

A darkly humorous one-man show performed on a tiny stage (4’x4’), and set in an indivisibly small fraction of time. The play is about the acceleration of technological progress, driven by the confluence and collusion of science and economics. Invisible Atom has had more than 125 performances around the world and has been enthusiastically received by audiences, earning five star reviews and awards internationally.

The Story of Mr. Wright

The Story of Mr. Wright, a collaboration between 2b theatre and the Globe Young Company, is a tale of faith inspired by the documented test case of a cancer patient from the early 1950’s. His reaction to a miracle drug and subsequent relapses are interwoven with compelling and sometimes tragic personal stories from the cast.

The Russian Play & Mexico City

Set amidst the doomed men and rotten ideals of Stalinist Russia, The Russian Play is a bleak, bittersweet and darkly ironic ode to the dangerous joys of love. Paired with Mexico’s City’s satiric romance, this double bill of hit plays by Hannah Moscovitch offers a profound exploration of love and relationships.

East of Berlin

East of Berlin, written by acclaimed playwright Hannah Moscovitch, explores themes of inherited guilt, love, and redemption through a gripping and surprisingly funny story about the psychological legacy of the Holocaust.


Homage is based on the true story of Haydn Davies, an advertising executive who left his career to become one of the country’s most successful public sculptors.


. . . there are only two or three human stories, and they go on repeating themselves as fiercely as if they had never happened before; like the larks in this country, that have been singing the same five notes over for thousands of years.