2b theatre company creates new designated position: Associate Artistic Director

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2b theatre company is proud to announce the creation of a new full-time position: The Associate Artistic Director will be a lead artist at 2b, creating new shows, and developing the company’s artistic and outreach programming alongside Artistic Director, Christian Barry.

Statement of Intention

2b is an internationally renowned theatre company, creating innovative and original works that challenge what theatre is and what it can be. We believe the theatre is a place where people seek to better understand relationships with one another, in pursuit of a better, more compassionate co-existence. In order to achieve our vision, we must first recognize the historic exclusion and appropriation of many voices and experiences in contemporary theatre. 

We are committed to the work of creating spaces that support and sustain all creative voices. Centering Black, Indigenous, and racialized artists, artists from 2SLGBTQIA+ communities, and artists with disabilities is essential to the work we are doing. 

2b theatre is evolving. This new position is the next step in our evolution and will contribute to making 2b a creative incubator that invites and supports all artists to bring their full selves to the work of creating vital new theatre. 

The Associate Artistic Director position will be designated for an artist with lived experience as a racialized person. We will only accept applications from qualified individuals who identify as Black, Indigenous, being from a racialized background or a person of colour. Priority will be given to members of the African Nova Scotian and Mi’kmaq communities.

Organizational Profile

Company History

2b turns 22 years old this year. Built from a fledgling student start up, the company has gone on to stage 25 original productions, including 22 world premieres. Our work has been presented in 64 cities, 13 countries, and five continents. Along the way it has won awards, earned five-star reviews, and appeared in “best shows of the year” lists in major newspapers as far afield as Germany, Australia, and Edinburgh. 2b has won two Herald Angel Awards, an Edinburgh Fringe First, and has been nominated for six Drama Desk Awards. 2b’s shows have been finalists for the Nova Scotia Masterworks Award three times and in 2018, Old Stock: A Refugee Love Story became the first theatrical production to win the award.

In the face of remarkable growth in audience numbers, artistic activity, partnerships, and geographic reach, 2b has retained the elements that made us who we are: innovation, dynamism, flexibility, and responsiveness; all in the service of making intelligent and unforgettable new theatre experiences that move audiences, both at home and around the world.


2b theatre company is a driving artistic voice, bringing innovative works of great ambition, rigour, care, and impact to the world stage.


2b theatre company strives to stimulate the mind and awaken the spirit by producing theatre that is innovative and challenging. We create, produce, present, and tour original work nationally and internationally. Our work is part of the evolution of contemporary theatre aesthetics. We are also an incubator, central to a thriving national theatre community, that offers a range of creation, performance, and production opportunities for arts professionals from our region and beyond.

2b’s Desired Impacts

On our audience: that the subtle change that happens in a person’s body when they are moved by a piece of art stays with audiences after they leave the theatre. We want a world of kinder parents, more engaged voters, lustier laughers, more honest politicians, more compassionate strangers, inspired justice seekers, and better lovers.

On our staff and collaborators: that they find 2b’s projects artistically satisfying to work on, that they grow artistically and professionally, that they feel well cared for, and that they want to work with 2b again. That their work has a long, healthy life and reaches audiences all over the world.

On our peers: that our work inspires artists with different perspectives to make dynamic and rigorous art.

On our city and province: that we contribute to Nova Scotia’s cultural scene in a significant way and are a reason people want to move here, live here, and stay here.

On the planet: we recognize that almost all human activity has an ecological impact. We value continued assessment and action to minimize and offset that impact.

This Moment, This Position

The 2b Associate Artistic Director is a new position that represents a meaningful structural change within our organization, ensuring that the lived experience of our Associate Artistic Director informs all strategic conversations, as well as programming and outreach decisions. This contributes to 2b’s ability to create spaces where all artists are invited to bring their full selves to the work in a safe and supported environment. The impact of this senior position will be felt in the performing arts community in Halifax and beyond.

Our work is part of the evolution of contemporary theatre. It’s no secret that our region is rich with talent, yet we are conscious of the disproportionate barriers that racialized artists face when it comes to finding development opportunities, leadership positions and sustainable employment in the arts. This position has been created with the support of funding from Emera’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Fund. This investment, and the leadership of the Associate Artistic Director will allow us to increase our focus on outreach to artists from racialized communities. In addition to contributing to 2b’s ability to grow and provide meaningful change for artists in our region, this position also has the potential to develop the artistic leaders of the future.

The addition of an Associate Artistic Director at 2b ensures that our leadership core will embody a richer set of lived experience and wisdom. We are already a regional leader when it comes to innovation and rigour in the new theatre development process. This change means that 2b will be a more supportive home for new works from brilliant and talented artists from racialized backgrounds in the region, benefitting and uplifting a whole generation of artists. 
Guided by our values of curiosity, connection, and care, you will be part creating works that nurture community, and contribute to our corner of the world becoming more compassionate, equitable, and just.

Position Responsibilities

You will be a lead artist at 2b, central to the company’s core programming. You will create and lead multiple projects in various stages of development, and contribute new works to the company’s touring repertoire. In partnership with the Artistic Director, you will help design and lead the artistic programming decisions and the outreach activities of 2b. You will be a central voice that helps to shape our vision organizationally and artistically.

Central to the conception of this role is the belief that multiple points of view lead to richer, better art. 2b was founded by core artists with different beliefs, experiences, and views. We have always benefited from the open, frank, and articulate exchange of ideas. Curiosity, discussion, and rigorous and caring debate have always been central to our success. 

We are seeking a candidate who communicates with integrity and clarity, and who is driven by curiosity. The Associate Artistic Director will value regular interaction and collaboration with the internal team and external community and will have an innate ability to build rapport with a wide range of stakeholders. 

We are seeking an artist who has invested time and thought in the development of an artistic voice. Your artistic practice need not be limited to or focused on one particular practice. You may be a playwright, a designer, a performer, or a director (or any combination thereof). But your primary interest is in the creation of vital contemporary theatre works. 2b is committed to supporting the successful candidate with professional development in relevant areas. 

This role reports jointly to the Artistic and Executive Directors. 2b currently has a three-person management team and a core staff team of six, plus two artists-in-residence, and two part-time positions. Through our work, we regularly collaborate with and hire many contract employees and consultants to help us create and circulate our work.

The successful candidate will collaborate with the Artistic Director in:

  • Season programming, including selection/casting of artists and teams 
  • Facilitating the creation of new work, potentially including writing, directing, and/or providing dramaturgical support and consultation on projects 
  • Overseeing and facilitating workshops, presentations, and other public event
  • Mentorship and support to Emerging Artists-in-Residence, student reps, and community members
  • Building and managing relationships with community, artists, audiences, and other supporters
  • Developing and running outreach programs in collaboration with 2b’s Outreach Coordinator
  • Producing home shows and events in collaboration with staff
  • Tour planning and strategy in collaboration with staff

The successful candidate will collaborate with the Artistic and Executive Directors in:

  • Season budgeting 
  • Project budgeting 
  • Grant writing and reporting 

The successful candidate will be invited to participate in:

  • Strategic planning
  • Policy development and implementation
  • Marketing and communications 
  • Planning and management of production, touring, and artistic development activities (with the Managing Director and staff)
  • Other organizational elements as guided by the interests of the successful candidate

Candidate Profile & Skills:

You are collaborative, generous, friendly, kind, organized, empathetic, efficient, poised, playful, and articulate. You have

  • The capacity to lead with vision, care, and integrity
  • Collaborative spirit
  • Passion for storytelling, theatre, and community
  • Knowledge of non-profit organizations
  • Strong communication skills (writing, speaking, and listening)
  • Critical and strategic thinking skills
  • Well-developed interpersonal skills (with staff, artists, board, funders, audience, and partners)

Salary and Benefits

Salary will be $50,000 per year, based on a 40-hour work week. We also provide limited Health Benefits. We are committed to supporting the successful candidate with learning and professional development support.

Application Details

Please merge your cover letter and resume into one PDF Send to: applications@2btheatre.com 

Use the subject header: Associate Artistic Director

Applications will be accepted until March 28th at midnight.

Please be sure to include a cover letter that speaks to your experience, but we also want to get a glimpse of your personality.

Don’t be generic, be yourself.

Your cover letter should be no longer than two pages and should detail your approach to collaboration, creation, and leadership, and should outline your key skills, and explain why you are excited by this opportunity.

Finalists will be expected to provide contact information for three professional references. We would like to begin the transition as soon as the candidate is able. A phased approach will be considered in response to the successful candidate’s desires and needs.