Artistic Co-Directors' Statement

by Christian Barry and Anthony Black

At the core of every theatrical event there is a unique and particular interaction between audience and performance. With each project we re-examine this relationship, considering what theatrical form best fits the content. The result is an eclectic body of work that demonstrates an ongoing interest in formal innovation and a highly considered experience for audiences. Our creations include: a rock and roll concept album for the stage about the dangers of repression and the transformative powers of music and wine (The God That Comes); a live action existentialist graphic novel about the search for meaning in a seemingly random universe (When it Rains); a klezmer music-theatre hybrid about Jewish refugees whose performers emerge from a shipping container set (Old Stock: A Refugee Love Story); and an elegiac duet for violinist and storyteller about artistic aspiration and regret (One Discordant Violin).


We have been making theatre together as artistic leaders of this company since 1999. We are directors by training, but our areas of activity range from directing to performance, from writing to design. These varied pursuits inform a holistic approach to the creation of theatre where text, space, performance, and production interrelate to create a meaningful and integrated experience for the audience. We’re often the primary creators of new development projects, but also commission and collaborate with noteworthy Canadian creators (Hannah Moscovitch, Shauntay Grant, Michael Mackenzie, Hawksley Workman, Ben Caplan). With a flexible development cycle that generally spans 3-4 years and includes multiple workshops, we commit substantial time and resource to the development of each project to allow the shows to achieve their highest artistic potential. We are spurred by friendship, shared interests, a healthy competitiveness, and the desire to make art that is intelligent, beautiful, and precise.

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