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    Have you seen any 2b shows before? If so, which ones?
    Unconscious at the Sistine ChapelRebecca reads Nora reads MollyWhat a Young Wife Ought to KnowHow to Disappear CompletelyWhen it RainsThe God That ComesThe Story of Mr. WrightEast of BerlinHomageInvisible AtomRevisitedThe Russian Play & Mexico CityWe Are Not AloneOld Stock: A Refugee Love StoryCuando LlueveOne Discordant Violin

    Have you been to any 2b events before? If so, which ones?
    2booze + schmoozeLobsterpalooza

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    Civics (pre-1945)Boomers (1946-1964)Gen X (1965-1980)Gen Y (1981-1995)Age is an illusion