2b brings new MacIvor Show Home

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Announcing the Atlantic Canadian Premiere of Lets Run Away, the latest show from the legendary team of Daniel MacIvor and Daniel Brooks

2b theatre company and reWork Productions are co-producing the Atlantic Canadian Premiere of Daniel MacIvor’s Lets Run Away. Running from April 12th-23rd at the Bus Stop Theatre, Let’s Run Away is written and performed by Daniel MacIvor, directed and dramaturged by Daniel Brooks. 

Let’s Run Away is a chance for Peter to tell us a story. And Peter’s a bit stressed. He has an unpublished memoir. It was written by someone who abandoned him. Peter wants to read us the parts about him. And if Peter can keep his cool, and if the people who work at the theatre can help him set everything up, and if the audience can just give him a little bit of their time and their attention and their silence, maybe he can tell everyone something about who we really are and who we are to others and who we might be to ourselves when we’re alone. And maybe that can make it all a little bit easier. 

Daniel MacIvor on his relationship with Daniel Brooks: “Let’s Run Away feels like it comes from both a connection to the first work we made together in ’89, House – the character of Victor feels like close kin to our current Peter – and also from questions Brooks and I are asking inside our work and friendship. How do we fit into the current theatre climate?  How do we fit in the world? Big questions. But at the end of the day, like all of the work we’ve done, Let’s Run Away continues our exploration of the outsider looking for a way in, and ideas about how the self exists on the stage. We’re always trying to do something personal, and in that, to make something that feels true, something good.” 

2b is honoured to be hosting a show built by Canadian theatre icons. I grew up in what I sometimes call the MacIvor generation,” says 2b’s Artistic Director, Christian Barry. “Honestly, for me, Brooks and MacIvor were so incredibly influential. They have been telling stories with heart and humour, creating shows that demonstrate the pinnacle of Canadian stagecraft. And maybe most importantly,  their shows remind us that the audience is not only present but an integral part of the experience of a live show. At a MacIvor show, you’re not just a witness, you’re an integral part of the conversation.”

Tickets are on sale now – Click Here for details.
Let’s Run Away is part of 2b SPRINGboard, a month-long event that features performances, work-in-progress showings, and community celebrations.

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