SPRINGboard 2024 will be a month-long event that features work-in-progress showings, community celebrations, and the World Premiere of
Red Like Fruit from Hannah Moscovitch.

Red Like Fruit
Red Like Fruit is the latest work from Governor General’s Award winning playwright, Hannah Moscovitch.
The play features a man telling a woman’s story. Lauren asks Luke to narrate her life: her fraying mental health, the growing sense of unease she feels in the world. While Lauren’s been reporting on a high profile case of domestic violence, she’s been thinking back with eerie ambivalence on a set of sexual events from her adolescence, and something in her has started to crash. Soon, Lauren can no longer comprehend her own decisions and desires (like why she asked Luke to narrate for her in the first place). Red Like Fruit interrogates the many contradictions and complexities of complicity, consent, patriarchy and traumatic memory in the post #MeToo era.

Event Dates

  • April 3 – 21  –  Red Like Fruit, by Hannah Moscovitch
  • Sun, April 7th – RLF, Childcare Matinee
  • Tues, April 9th – RLF, Student Night
  • Weds, April 10th – Coffee Session (Hannah Moscovitch)
  • Weds, April 10th – RLF, Required Masking Performance
  • Sun, April 14th – RLF, Childcare Matinee
  • Tues, April 16th – RLF, Open Access Night
  • Weds, April 17th – Coffee Session (Michelle Monteith & David Patrick Flemming)
  • Weds, April 17th – 2b Design Colloquium
  • Weds, April 17th – RLF, Required Masking Performance
  • Sun, April 21st – RLF, Childcare Matinee
  • Weds, April 24th – Accessibility Roundtable