Colloquium #28 – The Only one in the Room: A BIPOC Experience

By October 14, 2020 October 23rd, 2020 Colloquium

A community discussion co-hosted by 2b theatre company moderated by 2b Emerging Artist in Residence Luciana Fernandes (Halifax/ K’jipuktuk)

Sun, 18 October 2020
6:00 PM – 7:30 PM ADT

For our first Colloquium of the season we gather around a fire to discuss an experience that is all too common for artists of colour working in theatre in Canada: being the only one in the room who isn’t white. What is that experience onstage and offstage? What is the cost to those artists? How do we exist, thrive and ultimately change such spaces?

Our discussion will feature local artists Jacob Sampson, Leesa Hamilton and Nathan Simmons.

We invite you to join us in this conversation by sharing space, listening, and bearing witness. This is an open space that centres on the voices of the artists of colour and a number of tickets are reserved for BIPOC people.

Register for a free ticket here.

Please bring a lawn chair if you can!

COVID NOTE: According to current provincial guidelines, we will limit attendance, and the audience will be grouped together as a pod of 10-12. While we are gathering around a fire and in close proximity, there is space to distance yourself if you prefer to do so.